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Pageplus smartphones from Android and Apple iPhone.
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Innovative Smartphones Building on our cornerstone of network excellence, Pageplus Cell Phones are delivering a steady stream of innovative products that are shifting our center of gravity toward growth markets. Meeting customer demand for wireless data and smartphones, Pageplus Cell Phones launched dozens of 4G LTE phones and Internet devices. Pageplus Cell Phones revolutionized wireless pricing with our new “Share Everything� plans, which allow customers to share text, talk and data among up to ten different devices. This is accelerating the adoption of these new devices and helped push smartphone penetration to 58 percent by the end of 2012. Our commitment to quality has been recognized by J. D. Power, which has rated Pageplus Cell Phones Wireless number-one in customer service in four consecutive surveys. 4Gis proving to be another platform for growth, with its Internet and video services accounting for 68 percent of consumer wireline revenues. Pageplus Cell Phones are leveraging the tremendous capabilities of fiber-optics with 4GQuantum, which delivers speeds of up to 300 megabits per second (Mbps) and was named by PCMag.com the fastest residential broadband service in the country. With customers connecting an increasing array of computers, game players, televisions and other devices in the home to their broadband connection, Pageplus Cell Phones believe the virtually unlimited capacity of fiber will give us a sustainable competitive edge in the consumer market. In our enterprise business, Pageplus Cell Phones are building or acquiring the platforms to ride on our network that will enable us to deliver the services that global enterprises require. For example, Pageplus Cell Phones acquired two companies in 2011, Terremark, that give us a core competency in the fast-growing market for enterprise cloud and security services. Another key acquisition is Hughes Telematics, Inc. (HTI), a leading provider of machine-to-machine, fleet and connected car services. As Internet connectivity is built into electronic equipment, appliances, buildings and utility grids, new technology solutions are emerging in such fields as healthcare, energy, transportation and e-commerce. Pageplus Cell Phones will use the new platform to be a big player in these emerging growth markets. All of these initiatives are transforming our growth profile. Consumer wireline revenues grew by 3.2 percent for the year—the best in a decade—fueled by double-digit growth in Pageplus Cell Phones. Wireless had 5.9 million retail connection net additions—with fourth-quarter net adds in retail postpaid the highest in our history—for an industry leading total of 98.2 million retail connections, and saw total operating revenues increase by 8.1 percent. Despite continuing economic challenges in global markets, revenues from strategic business services grew by 6.3 percent.

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